Preventive Care For All Life Stages

Proper preventive care includes wellness exams and vaccinations, wellness blood testing, heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, parasite prevention and control, and health certificates (USDA/APHIS and Accredited for International travel).

Internal Medicine Care

A thorough physical exam is important in defining the underlying cause for illness. To assist in a proper diagnosis, testing may include bloodwork, digital radiology (x-ray), ultrasound imaging, and cytology. Medical conditions are then managed through treatment and follow up care.

Routine and Advanced Surgical Care

We understand your concern for anesthesia and surgery for your pet is the same as your concern for a family member. We take anesthesia and surgery very seriously. All of our anesthetic patients are carefully monitored throughout their procedures. Our surgical patients receive an IV catheter, IV fluids, and perioperative pain management. In addition to spays, neuters, and growth removals, we perform select advanced soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.

Dental Care

Dental health is important. Ideally, pet's teeth should be brushed daily (like our own teeth)! However, there are times when additional dental care is needed. Dental cleanings involve a full assessment of the teeth, periodontium, gingiva, and oral cavity during general anesthesia. Digital dental x-rays are performed to assess the degree of periodontal disease and the health of the teeth. Treatment for periodontal disease includes antibiotics, and extractions when significant disease is present.

Senior Care

Our pets are living longer! Multiple age-related conditions are discussed and managed so your senior pet can live a longer, happier life.

Urgent Care

When a pet requires immediate veterinary care, an examination, diagnostic testing, and treatment are performed. For more serious conditions, the pet is stabilized prior to transfer to a nearby emergency hospital.

Hospice Care

As our pets live longer, there may come a time when hospice care is needed. Our goal is to provide palliative management of the symptoms in order to comfort our terminally ill patients. 

Behavioral Counseling

Animal behavior problems play a significant role in disrupting the human/animal bond. A physical exam and bloodwork are performed to determine if there is an underlying illness causing the behavioral problem. Counseling and behavioral modification medications may be prescribed to help manage adverse behaviors. Referral to a Veterinary Behavioral Doctor may be indicated in some cases.

Care Credit

We offer Care Credit to help finance those unexpected pet expenses. Our clients can apply on-line or during their veterinary visit. Please ask us for more information. Apply at